Five Unusual Treasures (Revisted): Now with More Magic!

I couldn't get some of the treasures of this post out of my head. They spoke to me, saying "Hey, man, gimme some magic already." So, I did.

a copper decanter with images of the harvest god tilling, sowing, and reaping 
This decanter was presented to King Tors by a young blacksmith. The king, upon seeing his face in place of the harvest god's gonads beat the blacksmith to death with her own decanter. Now her vengeful spirit rests in the piece. Anytime liquid is poured from this decanter with the intent of hydrating a living being it is transmuted to molten iron. If the blacksmith could be given vengeance, she might be willing to do this transformation on command once per week.

David Latimer. He's got my mind on terrariums lately. Plus, they're cool. Shut up.

an ancient 2' diameter sealed terrarium with some moss, a creeping fig, and a few toads
This terrarium protects whoever carries it from starvation, thirst, poisoning, and old age. In addition, the moss always grows on the side of the terrarium closest to water, the fig's leaves always face towards the sun, and the toads always look at the nearest living creature besides the holder. All that aside, it is a terrarium, and is fragile as fuck.

a set of false teeth (15 ivory, 7 silver, 2 gold, 1 platinum, 1 adamantine, 1 emerald, 5 missing)
These false teeth were once owned by a rowdy-but-unhygienic dwarven warrior king. Each tooth can be pulled from the mouth, at which point it transforms into a weapon made of that material. The ivory teeth turn into spears. The silver teeth turn into daggers. The gold teeth turn into battle aspergillums that deal double damage against undead. The platinum one turns into a lance, which if thrown, is unaffected by gravity. The adamantine tooth turns into the king's personal battleaxe, Bathbane, which becomes more deadly the longer the wielder has gone without a bath. The emerald tooth turns into a knife which cannot be seen in sunlight.

I'm surprised I found this one.

Ten statues of fishermen carved from agate
If placed on the edge of a river and left over night, each one of these statues will produce a fish. If placed on a doorstep, each will instead produce a hireling, prostitute, or criminal.

I am not surprised I couldn't find this one.

a sapphire-encrusted silver chalice with a blade for the stem
Attacking with this chalice/dagger is difficult: one must either grasp it by the mouth (awkward, -4 attack) or by the blade (painful, attacker takes half damage). This chalice possesses a primitive biological physiology. When someone is stabbed by this blade, they must make a save or have a chalice seed planted within them. The chalice seed takes three days to mature (a very painful process for the host) before it bursts from the host's abdomen fully formed (treat as a coup de grace).

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