Five Unusual Treasure Hordes

Each one of these treasure hordes adds up to be a total of 500 gold pieces, so you can just add them wholesale to more mundane hordes if you so wish.

Twenty copper rings (2 gp), clogs carved with bacchanal scenes of alligatormen (5 gp), five bronze tablets depicting the god of law in a series of distasteful sexual acts (313 gp), a jade nose ring (70 gp), a vest of unicorn leather (60 gp), an ancient 2' diameter sealed terrarium with some moss, a creeping fig, and a few toads (50 gp), and a bottled seed labeled "World Tree Seed" (actually just an apricot core; worthless)

 Ten statues of fishermen carved from agate (120 gp), a bag of expertly crafted marbles (dyed black, red, and white; 25 gp), a copper decanter with images of the harvest god tilling, sowing, and reaping (30 gp), a necklace of golden pearls and ivory boat charms (300 gp), and a set of tigerskin underpants (25 gp).

A beautifully inked IOU from Timmac Moundfellow for 400 gp (long dead, worthless), a platinum holy symbol of the god of narcissism (bent; 20 gp), two platinum armbands in the shape of goat skulls (80 gp), 200 misprinted gold pieces (50 gp), a peridot and silver leaf-shaped earring (60 gp), a cape of roc feathers (180 gp), a pair of winged gold boots (90 gp) and an ivory tongue depressor (20 gp).


Several thumbnail-sized flakes of mithril (20 gp), an amateur-cut topaz (150 gp), ancient dwarven clay mushroom-storing pot (25 gp), twenty bronze buttons shaped like bats (15 gp), a gold-plated hedgehog (40 gp), a thousand page thesis comparing astrological cycles to the size of a barn owl's pupil (30 gp), sapphire-encrusted silver chalice with a blade for the stem (220 gp).

An illuminated manuscript of the sun goddess's holy book (30 gp), the silk cassock, cope, and stole of a high priestess of the death goddess (115 gp), an iron medallion with a rune of protection on it (non-magical; 5 gp), a set of false teeth (15 ivory, 7 silver, 2 gold, 1 platinum, 1 adamantine, 1 emerald, 5 missing; 305 gp), and a ceremonial bolas made from dried minotaur testes (45 gp)
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