100 Things in a Cleric's Room

Inspired by Johnn Four's G+ post about items in a fighter's room.

Reroll any result over 50 to only get normal items.
Results 51-80 are a bit more wacky.
Roll 1d20+80 for items that could be plot hooks.

1- Collection of foreign incenses
2- Thurible
3- Holy book of different religion, heavily marked
4- Book of church dogma
5- Illuminated manuscript of a saint’s life
6- Illuminated bestiary of demons
7- Keys to local graveyard
8- Traditional hymnal book with revisions in the margins
9- Small idol made of scrap cloth or corn husks
10- Treatise on deity’s favored weapon
11- Holy water
12- Letters from a local, seeking medical services
13- Letter from noble, discussing political implications of spiritual values
14- Robes covered in wax
15- Chest of slings and braces
16- 1d12 devotional candles
17- Small relic of a saint
18- History book of religious war
19- Jars of medicinal herbs
20- Bottles of wine
21- Stout quarterstaff
22- Jar of medicinal leeches
23- Poultices, meticulously labeled
24- Well-worn sandals
25- Pastoral tapestry
26- Ink-stained desk
27- Collection of law texts
28- Half-finished scrolls
29- Mortar and pestle
30- Prayer beads
31- Correspondence letters from high priest
32- Exorcism kit
33- Work boots
34- Kite shield with holy symbol
35- Simple and functional chainmail
36- Book of fables
37- Barrel of ale
38- Rug with mandala on it
39- Diary
40- Half-finished transcription of holy book
41- Heavily marked holy book of similar-alignment deity
42- Heavily marked holy book of opposite-alignment deity
43- Potted herbs in windowsill
44- Dense philosophical text
45- Simple instrument
46- Engraved mace
47- Painting of saint
48- Candlestick
49- List of local members of faith
50- List of local members of opposing faith
51- Braids of garlic
52- Wooden stakes
53- Over abundance of mirrors
54- Ofuda
55- Enlightening drugs
56- Minor demon, bound into holy symbol
57- Book of local prophecies
58- Treatise on extreme religious physical mutilation
59- Scourge
60- List of devil names
61- Tapestry of saint, minor enchantment to speak parables
62- Empty bottle labeled “plague demon”
63- Celestial grammar book
64- Chalice made from relic skull
65- Coffin
66- Lute with hand positions marked for popular spiritual
67- Domesticated holy animal
68- Minor luck talismans
69- Offering shrine for local spirits
70- Knucklebones of martyr for divination
71- Family tree of local, tracing back to angelic ancestor
72- Family tree of local, tracing back to demonic ancestor
73- Blade made of melted coins
74- Banned text on how to exorcise spirits by eating part of the corpse
75- Stone for dulling edged weapons
76- Clay pots of grave dirt
77- Scalemail made of holy symbols
78- Blessed wineskins
79- Possessed doll in circle of salt, candles, and holy symbols
80- Hollow crossbow bolts filled with holy water
81- Clippings of holy texts suggesting living descendant of god
82- Holy text of deity with slight, sinister alterations
83- Map of areas of increased undead activity, all centering on noble’s castle
84- Golden box engraved with symbols for suppressing and containing demons, opened
85- Collaborating letters with local bandit
86- Unfinished letter to local lord, warning them of portents of impending disaster
87- Family tree of descendants of devil, including PC’s parent’s name
88- Map to hidden holy site
89- Box of controversial saint’s relics, one is missing from inventory list
90- Bribes from local noble to keep quiet about his newly born monstrous son
91- Map marked with local murders, form the shape of deity’s holy symbol
92- Bottle of water from hidden holy spring which heals even mortal wounds
93- A second, small shrine to Elder God under bed
94- Unusually large stores of wolfsbane
95- Demon bound in censor, claims she was framed for crimes by an angel
96- Floor plan of local temple including hidden stairs under altar
97- Large bill for noble for major indulgences
98- Letter from married lover
99- Invitation to meeting of important religious figures of different faiths
100- Page of holy book, describing saint being buried with belongings; “Holy Avenger?” written in margin

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