OSR Jousting via the Interweb!

Signal boost for this, a super-awesome-looking Chainmail-variant jousting tournament done via the Google+ group Jousting Fields of Normandy. Come joust, or at least come watch my knight, Sir Vantes de la Mancha (he's a fighting-man here, but obviously he's actually a quixote), get his butt chewed in the tilt-yards. FLAILSNAILS compatable!

Sir Vantes de la Mancha
STR 11
INT 10
DEX 13
CON 10
HP 7
GP 80
STATION Bachelor
ARMOR Mail Hauberk (AC 5)
SHIELD Wooden Round Shield (BF# 1-4)
HORSE Heavy Warhorse
SQUIRE Santo Panzar  T1 (HP 3, AC 8, boiled leather, dagger)
RETINUE 2 filthy peasants
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