Effects of the Magical Hookah Pipe

1 You can identify metals and alloys with a glance
2 Books speak to you. No longer have to read them, just ask them what they're about
3 Water tastes and looks like ale
4 Water tastes and looks like iron
5 You can speak with the recently dead
6 You can speak with the planar entity inside the hookah
7 Smoke steals your thoughts. Information can be shared by second-hand smoke
8 Takes you to an interplanar space inside the hookah. Is very plush and comfortable.
9 Takes you to an interplanar space inside the hookah. Is a minature Hell.
10 Exhaled smoke is dense and solid enough to stand on.
11 Hookah has multiple hoses. Smoking causes random body switches. 
12 Removes any negative mental ailments affecting you and traps them in the hookah. There is a 1/20 chance that the hookah instead curses you with all the ailments trapped inside.

Living Treasures: Horses of Myth Pt. 1

This post begins a series of posts that I've had backed up as drafts for one reason or another. Anyways, horses are cool. Magical horses are fucking cool. Both need more attention. Enough said.

Dravnr, Horse of Arrows
This horse was once the companion of an archer of legend. When the horse was killed unjustly, its spirit inhabited the archer's quiver and the horse made a new body of arrows. The horse can fire the arrows that make its body and fly. Being a spirit, the horse cannot cross over hallowed ground and is harmed by holy water. (This one is actually based on a joke resulting from a mounted archer PC who carried ungodly amounts of arrows on him).

Tom Dashing, Wanderbull's Cat/Horse
This beast once belonged to the eccentric wizard Wanderbull. During a duel of spells his opponent cast a spell of reincarnation upon Wanderbull, which he was able to reflect--right onto his cat familiar (whoops). Tom now appears in physical manners as a horse, except for his vertically-slit cat eyes. Despite years of living in a horse's body, the cat/horse still sees itself as a housecat, and is taken to activities such as licking itself while in his owner's lap, and hacking up furballs.

This six-legged horse was born of a trickster god and a mortal horse. If one of this horse's hooves are pressed into molten lead, the resultant hoofprint will produce prophecies. Vladimir is a lover of poetry and all spoken and performed arts.

Rhaefaxi, the Horse of a Thousand Bodies
Each sunset, Rhaefaxi dies a screaming, melting death, only to be born anew by sunrise in a new body. Sometimes she is born an owlbear, sometimes a house cat (and very rarely, a horse). Placing an iron band forged over a cold anvil around her neck will cause her to stay in the same form, but also make her resentful. (For Rhaefaxi, I suggest fandangling some way to roll a d26 each sunrise, taking the corresponding letter, and looking for the most appropriate monster that starts with the letter in whatever bestiary is at hand).