Random Trolling Events

Roll a d20 for each day of trolling. On a 20, the crew catches something interesting.

1. Swordfish or sharks create minor holes in the nets
2. A treasure chest
3. A school of undead fish. Not powerful individually, but present in great number
4. Something tears through the net. Leaves water-proof apology
5. Nets become extremely entangled. Needs several hours of work to fix
6. Horse-sized mounds of rotting flesh. Lingering stench prevents any catches for several days
7. A fish with metal scales and a human face. Can answer any question about a random topic, such as horticulture or fashion
8. 1d6 water-tight barrels of 
     1. Wool
     2. Tobacco
     3. Salt
     4. Hardtack
     5. Dead ship rats
     6. Sulfuric smoke from Hell
9. Pieces of the king's personal ship
10. The king himself. Has no idea how he got in this situation
11. Mauve and ivory driftwood. Might be useful for wards or wands
12. A massive vertebra
13. 100 sets of sailors' clothes
14. A library of water-logged books
15. A flock of dead albatrosses. One was bad enough...
16. The remains of of a sail-wizard's potion stock. 1d6 random potions
17. A group of merfolk. Probably unhappy
18. A marlin made of dreams and mirrors
19. The current macguffin, stuck through a fish
20. Roll twice. Take both or your choice, I don't care

If you had asked me this morning if this table would ever be used, I'd say no. But today I found myself lost at sea and desperate for food and interesting encounters.
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