Old School DIY Class Round-up

I'm currently running one Swords and Wizardry game with a group of five veteran players, and about to start another with a less experienced group. Although I was initially enamored with S&W's spartan class choices (as opposed to some more of the bloated new school fantasy RPGs), I was awed by the fun presented by classes published on old school gaming blogs, and as such, have added them to my game (I've also thrown in two of my own so I can direct my players here during character creation). Check them out for all their original glory.

Click for that old-time gravy flavor*

The Alice 
The Alternate MU
The Alternate Fighter 
The Aurumancer 
The Barbarian 
The Battle Princess
The Beastmaster 
The Blue Mage
The Dandy
The Dreamland Octopus (mixed with this flavor)
The Gunslinger
The Merchant Prince
The Muscle Wizard
The Olympian
The Quixote
The Warlord
The Witch

*Actual flavor may vary
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