100 Plot Elements from Harry Potter

1. A band of young, miscreant druids who use their shape-shifting powers to cause trouble.
2. A gossip-obsessed bard, who is unconcerned with the accuracy of her tales, only the drama.
3. A dark, ancient artifact that can only be passed to a new wielder if they have bested the previous wielder.
4. Slaves who punish themselves mercilessly for the slightest disobedience.
5. A seer with a history of crazy, inaccurate prophecies and one important, accurate one.
6. A dark room guarded by floating brains.
7. A spell to turn someone's boogers into bats.
8. An animated map, showing the real-time locations and names of anyone in the location.
9. A foul-tasting potion that makes the drinker look like another person.
10. A well-liked king, killed by one of his most trusted servants.
11. A lich with seven phylacteries.
12. A living being used as a phylactery.
13. A friendly man, obsessed with taking care of incredibly dangerous monsters.
14. Twin wizards who sell magical items useful in practical jokes.
15. A dungeon filled with green light, beneath a lake.
16. A man who can speak to snakes.
17. Hordes of zombies waiting to feed from the bottom of a dark lake.
18. A magical horse that can only be seen by someone who has witnessed someone die.
19. A potion that regrows bones, albeit painfully.
20. A spell to make the target vomit up slugs.
21. A simple goatherder, who is actually the king's brother in hiding.
22. A curtain through which people pass, but do not return.
23. A carriage, enchanted to fly.
24. Zealot racists who violently oppose any form of half-breed.
25. A well-loved public figure, who practiced dark necromancy in the past.
26. A house which can only be seen if the owner tells you.
27. A inconspicuous, apparently non-magical item which teleports anyone who touches it.
28. A group of militant child rebels.
29. A werewolf finding companionship in a cabal of druids.
30. A powerful public official, secretly under the effect of complusionary magic. 
31. A goblin-made sword, with the ability to take on a aspect of anything with which it comes into contact.
32. A forest full of talking, man-sized spiders.
33. A shady character in a tavern, who wants to trade a dragon egg for important information.
34. A witch who makes jewelry out of vegetables.
35. A trio of artifacts, taken from Death itself.
36. A sweet which, when eaten, will make the eater's tongue the size of a cow.
37. Two wardrobes, connected to the same extradimensional space, allowing travel between them.
38. A centaur astronomer.
39. A petty ghost, liable to break into a tantrum at the slightest provocation.
40. A man with five names.
41. A passage hidden among the roots of a cranky treant.
42. A necklace which makes the wearer extremely irritable.
43. A message which is only intelligible underwater.
44. A friendly giant with no sense of personal space.
45. A club of influential young men and women.
46. A greasy-haired potion-maker with seemingly dark and powerful connections.
47. A school for magical dueling.
48. A powerful antidote, made from the tears of a phoenix.
49. A demiplane which contains whatever a person needs most.
50. A gruff inquisitor with a crazy eye.
51. A room full of hundreds of keys; only one of them works on the locked door.
52. A basilisk, hiding in the sewers.
53. A witch who can turn into her own familiar.
54.  A powerful wizard with a love of sweets.
55. Two wizards in love, forced to fight to the death.
56. A message delivered by owl.
57. A large, black dog; said to be a omen of untimely death.
58. A dungeon with passages that rearrange themselves at random.
59. An insane man, who can pull flowers out of his anus.
60. A tasty looking dessert, which actually tastes like earwax.
61.  Slaves who can only be freed by the act of receiving clothes from their masters.
62. A spellbook, filled with "shortcuts" to make spells more effective.
63. A hippogriff, condemned to death.
64. A prison filled with wraiths.
65. An animated painting/secret door, which only opens if given the right password.
66. A holiday festival, interrupted by a troll.
67. A man who uses magic to fish.
68. A warning message, delivered by a conjured animal.
69. An acclaimed hero, whose accomplishments are nothing but lies.
70. A sickly, old rat who knows the secret to a murder committed long ago.
71. A cultist with a metal hand.
72. A snake disguised as a woman.
73. An international spellcasting tourney.
74. A crest belonging to an order of eccentric knights, searching for old relics.
75. A garden filled with disruptive, dim-witted gnomes.
76. A man with a face on both sides of his head.
77. A deadly underground plant which fears sunlight.
78. A table of potions in a dungeon; some of them are helpful, some deadly.
79. An escaped serial killer, related to one of the PCs.
80. A merciless werewolf bounty hunter.
81. An decrepit manor, full of evil magic.
82. A devoted cultist with a craving for murder and dark-humored showmanship.
83. An illusionary stair.
84. A nation in which non-magic users are second-class citizens.
85. A castle visible only to those who stand on its grounds.
86. A scar that speaks.
87. The friendly ghost of a beheaded man.
88. A man hiding as a piece of furniture.
89. A monster that takes on the appearance of the greatest fear of whoever looks at it. Can only be killed by genuine laughter.
90. A vault enchanted so that anything touched inside duplicates endlessly into worthless copies.
91. A wedding crashed by cultists.
92. A ghoul trapped in the attic of an inn.
93. A secret passage used as a trysting place.
94. Giant lobsters with explosive butts.
95. A duel in a pumpkin patch.
96. A basin used to watch memories.
97. Something hidden under a turban.
98. Seven identical wizards, flying through the night.
99. A child who uses his developing magical powers to torture animals and other children.
100. A seemingly normal, cat-loving woman who is evil incarnate.
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