A Sample of Witch Familiars

Inspired by this post and this one.

1. A raven who acts as a mouthpiece for any dead body it perches on.
2. A sheep which starts as a lamb in the morning, and dies at night as a shaggy, ancient ram, only to be born anew the next morning.
3. A snake which can turn into a silent, old crone at will.
4. A demon lord powerlessly bound in the body of a fetus.
5. A small imp who can recite lore about any dead creature it eats.
6.  A mummified hand which tries to strangle those who sleep near it.
7. The spirit of a deceased ascetic, reincarnated into the body of a frog.
8. A fox who can smell any child within a day's travel.
9. An ancient bronze tablet which displays secrets from beyond the stars during new moons.
10. A cat who burrows himself into dead children to control them like puppets.
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